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Cards Set  |  Absolutely
  • Cards Set | Absolutely

    120.00 ₪מחיר

    Introspection and self-discovery cards

    Beyond the fact that this is a great gift for the best friend...

    It's a set of cards that reveals to us everyday feelings

    and gives clarity and simplicity about those moments.

    It helps to see the good and encourages us to take positive action.


    Works well for women who like to look within

    and discover something new about themselves every day.

    So go for it!

    ♥ Kit includes 100 cards | 50 messages + 50 Tasks

    ♥ Cards size - 8/10 cm | Box size - 13/11 cm

    ♥ Packedas a gift


    להנחה עבור רכישות כמויות גדולות, אנא צרו איתי קשר | 052-4784785 הגר

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